Substance Use by Adolescents On an Average Day Is Alarming

Aug. 29, 2013 — On an average day, 881,684 U.S. teenagers aged 12 to 17 smoked cigarettes, according to a report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The report also says that on an average day 646,707 adolescents smoked marijuana and 457,672 drank alcohol.

To provide some perspective, the number of adolescents using marijuana on an average day could almost fill the Indianapolis Speedway (seating capacity 250,000 seats) two and a half times.

“This data about adolescents sheds new light on how deeply substance use pervades the lives of many young people and their families,” said SAMHSA Administrator Pamela S. Hyde. “While other studies indicate that significant progress has been made in lowering the levels of some forms of substance use among adolescents in the past decade, this report shows that far too many young people are still at risk.”

The report, which highlights the substance abuse behavior and addiction treatment activities that occur among adolescents on an average day, draws on a variety of SAMHSA data sets.

The report also sheds light on how many adolescents aged 12 to 17 used illegal substances for the first time.

On an average day:

  • 7,639 drank alcohol for the first time;
  • 4,594 used an illicit drug for the first time;
  • 4,000 adolescents used marijuana for the first time;
  • 3,701 smoked cigarettes for the first time; and
  • 2,151 misused prescription pain relievers for the first time.

Using data from SAMHSA Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS), the report also analyzes how many adolescents aged 12 to 17 were receiving treatment for a substance abuse problem during an average day. These numbers included:

Over 71,000 in outpatient treatment, More than 9,302 in non-hospital residential treatment, and Over 1,258 in hospital inpatient treatment.

In terms of hospital emergency department visits involving adolescents aged 12 to 17, on an average day marijuana is involved in 165 visits, alcohol is involved in 187 visits, and misuse of prescription or nonprescription pain relievers is implicated in 74 visits.

For more information visit: Science Daily

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7 Common Misconceptions About Addiction Interventions

Recovery concept.When alcohol or drugs have taken over a loved one’s life, and they seem reluctant to face the facts about their addiction, sometimes we turn to an “intervention” to help them see that they need help. An intervention is when a group of loved ones — family, friends and concerned others — gather together to try and help the person see that they need treatment for their addiction.

For those who have never been involved in an intervention, the process may seem…(read more)

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Adolescent Pharmaceutical Drug Use

Another reason we need your support this year.

Join us at the 2013 Abbey’s Walk and walk to prevent addiction!


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Abbey’s Walk Update 08/13/2013

This year’s walk is really turning out to be something special.  We have community service providers that will set up tables for walkers to visit.  The goal is to make our community aware of the great services available to those who suffer from substance use disorders.  Our area is rich with providers, all working toward the same goal of helping people in recovery life life sober.

We’re hoping you’ll join us for what looks to be a successful walk.  We are already expecting to double our attendance from the last walk and hope to see an increase in donations received.  Those donation will go directly towards developing evidence-based prevention programming that will serve our local communities.

If you are planning on joining us you can download all necessary forms by clicking here.  You may be walking alone or with a team.  You may be walking in memory of someone you lost to addiction or in honor and support of someone in recovery.  Whatever the reason we need you with us.  We can do infinitely more together than we can alone.

Recovery is possible…

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Deadline Reminder!

Don’t forget to sign up for Abbey’s Walk 2013. Deadline to sign up is September 1st. (to ensure you receive a t-shirt)

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2013 t-shirts

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2013 Walk

Abbey’s Walk will be held this year on Saturday, September 21st. 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. At Mineral Springs Park Lagoon in Pekin, IL More information on how to sign up, to come. We hope you’ll join us this year! As always, thanks for your support!

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